Auto Accidents

Whether you were injured in a high impact crash or a small fender bender you should seek immediate treatment to diagnose and address your injuries. Severe neck and back injuries can occur from even very slow impact crashes. We have treated thousands of auto crash patients and will get you on a treatment plan to heal your injuries.


You only have 14 days after the date of your auto accident to be evaluated for your injuries or you may lose your benefits.

Neck & Back Pain

Neck and back pain can occur from daily wear and tear, ageing, arthritis, poor posture, staring at our phones and computers, and pinched nerves. Chiropractic treatment is very beneficial with restoring full motion in your spinal segments and joints, resolving your neck and back pain.

Slip & Fall

Millions of people each year go to the hospital for slip and fall injuries which can result in sprain/strains, pinched nerves, fractures, or injured discs. These injuries can result in severe discomfort preventing you from doing daily activities. Chiropractic treatment is very beneficial with dealing with injuries from your slip and fall accident. Seek help immediately so you don't have long term complications.

Chiropractic Treatment

 Chiropractic adjustments are beneficial for reducing your pain, increasing range of motion, reducing frequent headaches, as well as improving arthritis and spinal disc injuries. Regular chiropractic adjustments take pressure off pinched spinal nerves and improve your overall health and well-being.